Thursday, December 6, 2007

A 2-minute quick post....

Update: My vocational coach has died, just heard the news. See this post re: it. So sad.... But now what to do about all my week/weekend plans. It all depends on when the funeral is....
  1. I keep finding myself humming the "alleluia chorus" several times a day. I don't understand why.
  2. I'm back home, woo hoo
  3. I'm going to some lesbian comedy cancer benefit thing this weekend with k and s and about 20 other lesbians. It's a "Suzanne Westenhoefer event". I don't know if I should know this person? Um..... I may be nervous. It should be super fun though. So glad I'm going with k and s!
  4. That family I stayed with the last two days in MI while working... they kiss each other on the lips! Is that weird to anyone else? It's so weird to me. A 17 year old daughter kissing her mom on the lips? My family has never done that, even when I was little. It kindof freaked me out a bit.
  5. I'm going to see "For the bible tells me so" tonight. It's a documentary my Aunt told me about. Woo hoo

The end.


Anonymous said...

my mom and my sisters and I sometimes kiss each other on the lips and it's not weird. but never my brother or my dad - ew! it doesn't happen very often... analyzing it now though makes it seem weird, but I KNOW it's not weird... it's just really different. i wonder if certain cultures are more apt to do it than others... what was your friend's cultural background? j

just me - titration said...

j - woo hoo a comment from j. :) They're white americans with scando roots.