Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Non profit work means staying in people's homes

I have escaped to a local Panara to write this (and eat some great pastries!).

Last night I walked into someone's house I just meet with a suitcase, knowing I would stay there that night. I am soooo aware that I work for a non-profit when I am asked if I would stay in someone's home instead of a hotel. I've done this all my life on music and singing tours and mission trips. I think I'm done with it though. I like the people. Their home is nice. But I really prefer the neutrality of a hotel. No matter how lovely or nice people and their home is, it is awkward to be in someone else's home. But you can't really say no thank you. And I don't want to be selfish!

Why don't I like staying in the homes of strangers? Because you have to be "on" all the time. You can't crash after your day. You need to be polite. This morning they suggested I stay there and said there was food, but they already left for work and I sure don't like rummaging through someone else's kitchen I just met. And to be honest I need coffee and wifi away from the "hosts".

So God Bless Panera. :)

Hmmm. I just realized I would not feel the same if this were a lesbian couple or parents of a girlfriend or..... That's interesting.


Cheryl said...

If you ever find yourself in ATL, I think we'd have a hoot of a time if you came to visit/hang out/crash.... and I wouldn't expect you to be "on."

just me - titration said...

cheryl... it's a deal. :) There is a chance someday of me coming that way... first however LA, Texas, Washington DC... I'm going to be so sick of travel.

Anonymous said...

hey just me - i can see why this bugs you. i, on the other hand, surprise surprise, usually love staying at strangers' homes. It gives me a chance to observe and learn. And rummaging through their cupboards? If they say it's okay, it's OKAY! Have you thought about just acting like yourself and asking for what you need and not doing the "on" thing? i think i've tried it all... the more I relax and just be myself the better it goes. i need to go to bed, dude. keep singing the alleluia chorus - that is too funny! j