Monday, December 3, 2007

The presentation on reparative therapy hit a home run

So my classmate "m" and I presented this morning. I totally didn't think I would be emotional but I was. I was even shaking. But it went really really well. I am so glad I/we did it. Glad I took the risk, glad I shared what I did. I got a ton of comments afterwards that were positive. The professor said ours met every expectation that she had for a presentation and she gushed about it. (m, we did great!)

I tried to record it but I don't think I got it. I was so nervous when we started that I pushed the record button wrong. Sad. I did get some of the questions afterwards.

Generally though these 20+ people who will some day be counselors now knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that trying to change someone from being gay to straight is not only unethical (according to the APA) it also can do harm.

The people we know think someone should be changed said nothing.

Now I am off on another business trip to Michigan this time to train some people for work. I'm not really looking forward to it.


"m" said...

You rocked it hard. The emotionality only wins points with our gang. Once again, I applaud your bravery in telling your story. It will stay with our classmates long after we've graduated.

just me - titration said...

LOL. Isn't that crazy that emotionality wins points? Woo hoo us.

AnJ said...

Glad to know such presentations are taking place... :)