Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Death and dying...

One of the most influential people in my life (mentor, vocational couch, father of my friend hp) is dying. I am very sad, but it feels good to be sad in this. This family is one of the hubs that many of my friends are connected to as well. For about a year or more he was my vocational coach. I always planned to post more of what we talked about online here. But I never did. Perhaps I can go in search of more of that stuff and post it in the future.

hp posted this super moving story of how the family gathered around her dad the other night. And it sounds like he could die any day now. He is dying a good death (if there is such a thing) one that is hyper intentional in it's naming and holding of life and love (and loved ones) in the midst of the process of dying. He has done such a great job of fighting and befriending his illness. He also has done a great job grieving his own death himself and helping other people (family and friends) grieve it. I think we all are gratefully carrying our grief, honored that we feel grieved. Grateful for his life and way of dying.... It feels good to take note of another persons influence on my life. His funeral whenever it is, I already know, will be amazing and deep and oddly enough I am really looking forward to it. (let's hope it's not tomorrow!)

Oddly enough in class yesterday there were two presentations on death, dying, culture and hospice. And I've been having conversations with friends about the stages of grief lately. All and all it's a time to be sad and to honor the impact this man made on my life both through his daughter and through his vocational coaching.

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Zuzu said...

I'm sorry for what you are losing and hope you're able to stay alive with him as long as he is. - Zu