Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lesbian Book List

Last night I went to the "coming out" support group. And we each brought a list of books we've read. I'm listing them here for future reference. But generally it was informative and interesting to hear all to books the other women had read. This list will likely be added to in the future. :) And if you want to add your favorite lesbian book please do so.


Lesbian/Gay historical accounts
  • A Time to Embrace: Same Sex Unions in Religion, Law, and Politics [Google Books Preview] I read this one it was pretty decent.
  • Sexual Politics, Sexual Communities by John D' Emilio [Google Books Preview]
  • Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers: A History of Lesbian Life in Twentieth-Century America by Lillian Faderman [Google Books Preview]
  • Christianity, social tolerance, and homosexuality by John Boswell [Google Books Preview]

Coming out and faith, biography, and parents...
Self Help and misc.
  • Maize, a lesbian land magazine
  • Lesbian Connection Magazine


Sarah said...

As a future librarian, I will take note of these suggested reads. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi, 26 year old anonymous again. Back in high school I read the book "Deliver Us From Evie". It too is a lesbian book and was a decent read from what I remember.

just me said...

Hey there 26 year old anonymous thanks for the visit. I shall add that to my list. :)

Liadan said...

"Dirt, Greed and Sex" is all I currently can think of to add to the list. It's a good background book in Biblical sex ethics; it's not specifically about gay issues, but it does treat them seriously.

Anonymous said...

I was looking at this book list trying to figure out what books I wanted to read next and I have one to add. I just finished "Truth Dare or Promise" a couple days ago. This book is AWESOME!!! It's more of a lesbian romance. Now romance novels have never done anything for me, but it turns out I must've been reading the wrong kind.


Oh, I hope you have fun on your trip to Europe. My family was in the military so we lived in the Azores (a little group of islands out the the middle of the Atlantic) for two years and we went to Italy once while we were there. It was interesting and I wish I would've enjoyed it more then.