Thursday, April 26, 2007

Books to help christian parents with gay lesbian kids

I was talking with a friend of mine about how he told his parents he was gay. And I asked him to ask his parents which books helped them the most. His dad is a pastor as well so I figured the books that helped them would also be good for my folks someday. These are the books that he mentioned, and so I wanted to list them here for the day I may need them....

Here's the list:
postscript (August 2007): You may also find resources in this post and I put resources in the letter I sent to my family to come out.

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Zuzu said...

I have a feeling that your mom is going to be great. I believe her love for you is really larger, larger than her fears about the unknown and her fears about homosexuality. Undoubtedly it may be shocking and take some time for her to wrap her heart and mind around this information, and I know she'll find love, compassion and support for you in a way that is meaningful for you. It might not come immediately, but it will come. When you give her the opportunity, she'll be there! Much love to you! - Zuzu