Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I am not a loch ness monster

Woo hoo. I am not a loch ness monster. You can't call me nessie! :) I am totally exaggerating. I do know I would never be that rare. I mean really, I don't live in cold deep waters. Nor am I all that big or reptilian looking. And people don't wait in search of me with video cameras. But in terms of rarity in the world I have at times felt a bit more uncommon than I wanted to. I actually like commonality.

Last night's coffee was a continuation of what I blogged about yesterday. And that was that hearing and sharing more vulnerable experiences in person or on blogs matters, and helps me.

So last night I was able to spend time talking with someone who also: went to bible school, has thought about being a pastor (she's still pursing it, I am not), is a pastors kid, is a christian, is a lesbian....

It was good to confirm again I am not so rare. :) We are all special of course but sometimes I really dig being human and knowing others who are similar.


Anonymous said...

Dangit. Alright, I'll stop calling you Nessie.


~Deb said...

It's nice to be able to relate to somebody who truly understands what it's like to be a Christian, as well as being persecuted for the life they live.

Hope you find peace!

Liadan said...

I sort of lucked out there, I suppose; I figured out why I felt Not Like The Other Little Girls by surfing whosoever.org, so my epiphany of "I'm a queer!" came alongside my "God doesn't hate me for it!" moment.

just me said...

I have seen that site... Hmmm. I should go back there. That epiphany should come in that way for everyone I think. :)