Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Do not cancel my mystery! Veronica Mars

In my imaginary world I think I am a detective. I read the entire Hardy Boys series in elementary school. I loved Encyclopedia Brown. I am often found reading Sherlock Holmes before going to bed. I feel like figuring my own self out is a mystery to solve. Figuring out the world is also a mystery. As an adult I've loved books like Glittering Images by Susan Howatch which is: mystery, meets the Church of England, meets Psychology.

My current mystery obsession has been Veronica Mars. My friend "L" loaned me season one and two on DVD and I have watched multiple episodes every night. And of course I love it! I am on disk two of season two right now.
But they have canceled it. This year was the last season and now it's done. And I am not very happy about this. I think part of this is because I really love the show and do not want it to be done. And part of it is because I like the girl and the character. But, I also wonder if I miss it because I don't like any of my mysteries canceled, whether they are on TV or mysterious relationships.

Mystery is what I love about God. God is a never-ending mystery. People are a grand mystery, particularly when I have a crush on them. :) It's a healthy characteristic of living, of being human, to strive to solve the mystery of life. When I am not intrigued by some mystery I usually am depressed.

So what mystery shall we solve today? And would someone please, please, please pick up Veronica Mars and do another season!


Anonymous said...

I like you.


JJ said...

Veronica Mars is on my list of likes too. I've heard that there is hope that it might be picked up again midseason... I'm trying not to hope too much though, I've had too many heartbreaks that way -- it seams all my shows get canceled.

But fingers crossed. ...and yeah, she's kinda cute!

just me said...

jj - If you find out it isn't canceled you totally should let me know. And I'm with you on canceled TV shows. Why is it that all the good ones get canceled?