Monday, September 1, 2008

Let it be - And sometimes don't

I got in this conversation about racism and people hating on Obama cause he's black. People I respect (The N's) were telling stories about racism they have experienced this year in the midwest. And we asked "Will white people ever be able to vote for a black man?" N said "It may be that nothing will change until the generation that hates passes on". But then those who are older taught their children to hate as well.

In this same conversation a girl, whose husband is Korean, told the story of how when she got married (less than a year ago) and her grandpa (white) came up to her and told her she was sinning because she was marrying a Korean. Sinning!

Lo and I were talking on the phone this afternoon about how her mom told her she'd rather she date a woman than a black man. My family is the opposite. And I then tonight I saw this video below (a clip from the movie "across the universe") and all the conversations and thoughts of the day came together for me.

I love the song and that the grief at injustice shown is raw. It won't be covered up, it just is. But as far as a future focus, sometimes there are things NOT to let be. O, and you saw that right that's not overseas in that video, it is Detroit! What are you letting be? And what are you not? What am I letting be? And what am I not?


Cheryl said...

I'd have to ask the converse... would black people vote for a white person if a black person was running against them?

Prejudice works both ways, and either way, it sucks. Frankly, I wish we were all purple.

titration said...

Hmm. I too wish we were all purple. But then of course we would talk about how some people had dark or light purple eyes. arg.