Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I think I've been too negative on my blog lately...

I said to Lo, and she said, "Well then blog about that". Yep when I am crabby or sad you can tell. 

I have intentional labels on my blog "things that help", "poetry and art", psychology, and "prayer and the church" because these categories are important to me. Haven't blogged much about them lately. They are due.

Today I went to internship which just started. I am a intern-counselor in local university. I was reading some of the interventions/assignments that the interns previous to me did with their clients. Here's some of them. You may want to try them yourself.
  • Check off days with a big red X for every day you "don't or do" that thing you want to do or not do. It's to make it visible. Then celebrate each increase. eg. First you only not do that thing one day of the week. Woo hoo you! The next week it's two days. (you get the idea).
  • Make a list of your strengths. Then the next week ask a close friend if they can help you add to it.
  • Make a coffee date with that person you need to by next week. 
  • Make new friends. (diversify your friendship base)
  • Make a list of your grief's then later after naming them write down your feelings next to them. Value them as important not something to be brushed under a rug.
  • Ask yourself "Will __________ really solve my problem right now?" eg. Will moving, changing jobs, going home, not going home, skipping work, buying that new outfit, drinking... solve it?
  • Look up what self-efficacy and resiliency mean. Then write them out and post them somewhere. You are more independent and resilient than you think. 
More as I encounter more. I kindof like little assignments. :)


(no subject) said...

i'm sending you happy thoughts!!!!

and i think i may just try a few of your assignments, they sound good. i hope you have a great rest of the week! =)

~Deb said...

Very productive assignment. I used to write down my strengths and weaknesses and tried improving on them. To me, it's like a diet. I stick to it for only so long and then go back to the same damn pattern. Any suggestions on breaking patterns? Maybe that's one of my weaknesses. Wow, this was like therapy! ;)

Hope you're doing well!

Anonymous said...

I hope your internship goes well this year. I always enjoyed getting to know the interns in that office each year. You'll do great! -MVL

Anonymous said...

I already have some clients I'd like to send your way!