Monday, September 1, 2008

Christmas talk already?

Here's my one piece of sharing from the weekend. I went to my parents house. I had a very short conversation with my mom about Christmas. Short, because I think it was hard for both of us. Earlier in the summer I mentioned I'd like to bring Lo for Christmas. This weekend she told me that the family isn't ready for me to bring her.

Lo's birthday is on the 27th I'm certainly not going to miss it and I want to be with her on Christmas. So, it looks like we're going to spend Christmas here in my town. I haven't officially told them yet. I was just clear I had to be with Lo on her birthday.

I've been fluctuating a lot on how I feel. I have never not been with my family for Christmas. I cried multiple times about it, but of course I'm also pmsing so who knows if I'm really that sad. I know they aren't really rejecting either me or Lo, but it feels like it.

What's helped is now I'm super excited to have my own Christmas with Lo. We will have a ton of fun on our own. And perhaps I can visit the family around New Years instead by myself.

So far the best advice I've gotten is that my friend "satte" said that maybe I should ask them if there's another time that they would be open to meeting her that is not around the holidays. So perhaps I'll ask about that.


(no subject) said...

that's gotta be a really hard thing to deal with. =(
i agree with satte that you should ask when a good time would be to bring her around.

Anonymous said...

Holidays carry a whole lot of baggage for some people (they do for me!). Expectations are really hihgh sometimes, so I can see that Lo AND Christmas might be extra hard for your family. I am impressed and awed that you are able to see that and not be "simply" mad at them.

Cheryl said...

Good for you... doing what you need to take care of yourself and being where you want to be. And good for you for realizing they are having trouble adjusting. It took my parents a while too. They equate "accepting" with "condoning," but in my case, eventually, they can do the former without the emotional/spiritual impact of the latter.

titration said...

no subject - thanks for saying so.

anonymous... this is a hard thing for them so I'm trying to be gentle but I also don't always know what to do.

cheryl. it will take a long time. Sadly. I think of your situation sometimes in this. What do they said patience is a virtue that carries a lot of weight/wait. :)