Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hi there... So how's it going?

Yes, I've been a bit quiet on the blog front lately and this is partically to do with being busy. However I've also been doing more processing off blog than on blog. Let's just say I've been reading books about marriage. And if you have any advice this is me soliciting it (Hey you reader I'm a solicitor). What questions do you think it's important to discuss before any type of committment? Not that I am getting hitched tomorrow, I'm just saying...

On the work front, for my job I check out websites. So while I sit here eating dark chocolate and working I thought I'd say "look" new toys. :)

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Anonymous said...

The most important thing from my (pre-marrital) counselling (in parenthesis, because it was pre-pre, and will continue...):

Who is your "little person," that version of you as a child who still reacts strongly to things? What causes her to regress, cry, act out, get jealous, etc? How can you begin to see her for what she is (a valid part of your past who doesn't need to rule your present/future) so that you can bracket her and have a more healthy adult life?

This was so very important, because my partner's little self and my little self often trigger the other. YIKES!


Elaine said...

Hey - Good advice from FreyaSings - find out what each of your hot buttons are and make a deal to not push them.

Research shows that people who agree on money, religion, and in-laws have the best chance of being a successful couple.

Personally, I've found that knowing about one another's past is not as important as knowing who they are now. People learn and evolve...and do better when they know better.

I once asked my mom how she and my dad have had such a good marriage for over 40 years. Her answer was, "Similar values."

Wow...I guess I had a lot to say. :)

titration said...

freyasings... nice. Yep I already need to do some bracketing.

And elaine... I like the idea of making a deal. :) So far we don't know about the in-laws. hmmm.

Thanks you both for "saying" :)