Monday, August 18, 2008

God's Coming has been cancelled

So the blogger "let's kill Saturday night" took a picture of a fly poster in Glasgow and I thought it was amusing so I needed to make sure you all saw it too! I wondered what a fly poster was. I googled it and google said:
  1. An illegally posted poster, especially those used for advertising.
  2. One who puts up posters illegally.
So I wonder if one person put up a fly poster "god is coming" and the next person put stickers on it that said "canceled" or the same person did both? It looks like a poster for a record thought. Hmmm.

In Glasgow they put these Cancelled signs over fly posters. I liked this one in particular.


Let's Kill Saturday Night said...

Yeah, it is a poster for an album but I still like the sentiment. The CANCELLED posters are put over all the illegal posters as an attempt to put people off doing it by the council. Doesn't work, though !

Hyakoukoune said...

I saw too this image on the web.
It's really creative, powerfull !
I love and i think i'll make my own shirt with this.

Hyakoukoune said...

Me again.
I found a big size of the image here :
If you look more, i think the face of jesus was changed by the artist's face (who want to sell his music album) ?
I'm wondering who is he...