Friday, August 22, 2008

Developing...blogs and futures

So lately I have designed six new blogs/websites for other people using Wordpress and Squarespace and I love them sooooo much better than my blog. (example

It's easier to design in wordpress, and squarespace is probably the most beautiful and easy to use system I have EVER encountered! However it's a pay site because it has extra tools and can be used for other things. I am pondering starting a new site for my personal work (both counseling and webdesign) and just leaving this here. Maybe posting to it less. I still want it online because it's the type of reflection I needed when I was coming out. I most needed to know I wasn't alone. I like the idea of having a professional and a private reflection space.

Another part of why I want to develop a new squarespace professional site is that I got myself a new vocational coach yesterday. An amazing women who lives and works in Canada and who has started businesses. She has a special interest in entrepreneurial ventures. She was good friends with my previous vocational coach. My first assignment is to work on my elevator speech. Which is that three minute speech you give to someone in an elevator about what you do (even if you aren't doing it yet) and why. So I'll be thinking about that this weekend. 

Do you have an elevator speech? Also if you read this with an rss feed I did upgrade my blog style here a bit, not as much as I'd like but...Come have a look.


Anonymous said...

I don't have an elevator speech but can tell how about how I shrieked with glee and told my story to every salesperson who helped me with my "startup" purchases this weekend. Imagine a kid in a candy store. At Christmas. On crack. It's fun to be excited about new adventures! :) - AS

Louise said...

I know its a nerdy question but I am curious if you build all your websites in css or use tables? For some reason, I wasn't taught to use css exclusively and had a rather shocking coffee date with a design company where they set me straight on current web standards. Please tell me it was just them :) I really despised css.

As for the elevator speech, I don't have one and tend to sputter and spurt when people inquire.

titration said...

AS - What's an elevator speech when you can tell people in a state of glee! :) yahoo you.

louise - I usually have one table but use css for everything else. And let's both get ourselves and elevator speech! :)