Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How come?

  • How come external hard drives are so ugly? Anything beyond your keychain drive (some of which are super cute) are seriously ugly. Maybe it's not statistically true but it feels like 90% of them are black and they look like they belong on a male programmers desk, not my desk. Yuck! Come on people we all have to back up our computers and this thing is going to sit around can you at least let apple make them look nice?
  • How come there are condom wrappers between my home and my workplace randomly on the sidewalk? Where in the world are people having sex outside? If it's in the park I really do NOT want to know.
  • How come the item of clothing I've gotten the most compliments on in this entire year are my new Keen shoes? They are fabulous but have my shoes been that awful before?
  • How come I don't feel fear anymore of what my co-workers might think of me in my limited outness. I used to, now I do so much less.


Zuzu said...

1. i dunno. 2. yes, the park. 3. coz keens rock. maybe your other shoes sucked. 4. because you are developing a network of people who love you for who you are, which means there's a little more room to hold the idea of rejection without it shattering your world. i love how quckly you moved from 'out' to 'pride' - that's a big leap. yay you! - zu. ... new acronym.... nak... means nursing at keyboard. nak = forgive typos and lack of punctuation.

titration said...

1. hmmm. 2. ewwww. 3. Probably so! I've been reformed by keen shoes.

Thanks as always for celebrating my pride. :)

I like your acronym!

slashdotmad said...

how about these cuties: