Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fun in the sun, and some in the rain

Lo left yesterday. We had such a fabulous weekend. Dinner out, museums, cooking at home, the parade, Lo met "e", and we went to commenter freyasings' wedding where we danced. Our dancing out there with her made her cry. We also watched two movies "Charlie Wilson's War" and "The Brave One". Both were discussion starter types of movies. 

It rained during the pride parade and we had to leave a bit early to get to the wedding, but for my first parade I feel like I should have some strong reaction, but I don't. I liked being there with Lo and my church and having a part in making the float. 

Here are the rest of my observation on my weekend.
  • This weekend I did brave things: I danced with Lo at a wedding, I went to the pride parade and passed out buttons from my church that said "human". (I don't love passing things out.) I think it was a bit brave of me to just go to the parade. 
  • There were a ton of churches in the parade. I don't think people get that. 
  • On dancing at the wedding, I'm not at all a dancer and don't usually get out to dance at weddings. But Lo makes me more confident about everything. Neither of us are great dancers but it was super fun. 
  • The church service was so full of celebration and so fun.  
Hope all you blog readers are having as good of summer as I am! 


~Deb said...

Looks as though you're having a blast! The summer is a great one for us, unfortunately we didn't make it to pride, but regardless, we're out and not ashamed of who we are...

It should be the same for everyone!


Cheryl said...

Yay!! Glad you and Lo are having such a great summer!! Being in love makes everything better, doesn't it. :)