Thursday, July 3, 2008

Everyone lives in limboland

This is a bit of a "duh" realization, but I just realized everyone is usually in some sort of limbo. People who are single are (if they want to get partnered up) in limbo between singleness and coupledom, people who are dating are in limbo between dating and some sort of commitment, people who are married are in limbo between getting hitched and kids or travel or their next career step or next move. We are all in limbo between life and death. Everyone lives in limboland which is "an uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution; an intermediate state or condition"

No wonder it's more mentally healthy to live in the "now". I used to think someday I would be dating or someday I would have that degree... but there is always a something or someday. I was thinking this today while wandering around my house doing nothing waiting until I need to go to the airport. I was thinking I feel a bit in limbo because I am waiting for all the things that come next: potential to re-evaluate job, the next trip, next year, a new location... so much of the things I am waiting for won't come until next June.

Oddly it makes me feel a bit better to think I'm always in limbo. Maybe I can be fine just sitting in it since it's always there.

Alright off to the airport. :)


Sarah said...

I completely agree. People are always in between where they were and where they are's a good reminder to live in the moment I'm in, and to also remember that the majority of people, though in different situations than me, are also in a limbo of some sort.

Zuzu said...

i find, rather than sitting in it, if you do the dishes, it's easier. (grin) - Zu

Cheryl said...

I guess that's another way of saying that life is only about journeys really, not just the destinations. Because as soon as we get to one destination, we find have another of some sort waiting for us.

If only there was a GPS device for life. :) Oh wait, there is! The Magic 8-Ball. :)

(no subject) said...

i like your realization. i think i'm somewhere between looking forward to things and living in the moment. but i think that thinking about limboland makes things easier.

titration said...

sarah... yeah. there seems to be empathy in that.

zuzu... Dishes. That's so true. Whenever i feel most in limbo doing one small thing helps a ton.

cheryl... 8 ball or maybe the internet is our gps. I'll just google what I should do. :)

nosubject... thinking about how everyone is in limboland makes it easier for me too.

slashdotmad said...

I saw the Kung Fu Panda yesterday (yeah, I know, don't ask...:) and there was a line about time and past experiences and future and part of it went something like this " is a gift. that why it's called present." I know it's a kids movie and the line is cheesy, but it got me thinking, and it's sort of btw your post. and I'm trying to think that way more, esp. now because I'm giving up smoking so everything is a little challenging... good to read you, as usual