Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm going to be an aunt

I'm going to be an aunt! Which is super sweet. A very exciting thing. Hopefully the next months will go well for my sister-in-law, it took some effort for them to get pregnant.

Top six reasons I'm excited
  1. Because it means a new little person, which is a big deal.
  2. For something else to be going on in our family besides my stuff...because really I rather the attention be elsewhere.
  3. To have a little one to spoil.
  4. For the cuteness factor of our family to rise. :)
  5. That if all goes well it means I will have Christmas in Texas this year again! Woo hoo. I thought it would be up north again and was a bit nervous about that. Right I know it's a selfish reason but it's good for all involved!
  6. Because however much I like buying little things for all my friends who have babies being an Aunt is different.
Yahoo for babies. Now to figure out how to best celebrate it all. Hmmm.


Random Reflections said...

Excellent news! I so like being an aunt. Lots to look forward to for you.

Zuzu said...

WAY congrats! If you want I can send you a short list of some of the best/most useful things I got - give you some ideas. Also, I have a few things I could send you to give to them that I think they'd appreciate. I'll get 'em in the mail this week! (you know, by the way, you'd be a great mom.) - Zuzu

(no subject) said...

YAY!!!! congrats to your family!!!

Casdok said...

Congratulations!!! :)

titration said...

Thanks all! :) Woo hoo.

zuzu, Thanks for the advice you emailed.