Sunday, February 3, 2008

I was tagged! Six random things

I was tagged by the blog "a large number of small experiences" to share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself. And then tag six random people and let them know they've been tagged.

Alright then, Six Random things coming right up:
  1. Head bandanna's have such a strong pied piper (eg. I'm going to follow you home) impact on me I have trouble thinking if someone is wearing one. I think it ups someone's cuteness factor by about 100. I don't know why. It's a little weird.

  2. Braids, dreads, afros do the same thing for me.

    Postscript to these--head bandanna's don't "do it" for me as much on black women because all I can think about then is the awful cultural history of them (slavery, aunt Jemima's syrup...). And I have never met a white women to pull off dreads or braids very well at all.

  3. I think I'm a rather good whistler. I'd rather whistle to a song than sing it even though I actually can sing.

  4. I can't say the word syrup correctly. I always say it like "sir ip".

  5. I buy mushrooms sliced in a package and then eat them just like that.

  6. Watching football soothes me. I know weird. I don't even care who wins. I just like it on in the background. Today is a good day for that. It's the superbowl today! :)
I tag... ug. I hate tagging people. But just because I'm curious if they will do it... I tag harmless eccentric, and this is how AnJ ticks, and nosubject. :) Do share ladies!


But Why? said...

Mmm... raw 'shrooms! I love 'em, too. Also loved the phrase "Pied Piper impact" - never heard it before. It's fab. Ta for picking up the tag.

Casdok said...

And football...soothing!?!

..................................................................... said...

I think I have to say that perhaps you say 'Syrup' like Canadians do. After reading what you wrote, I said the word out loud to have it occur to me that I say it the same way, I asked Louise....and she says it that way perhaps you are a true canuck at heart!!!

titration said...

Hee hee. Yep! O and I did live for a year in Canada and have some N. Minnesota influences in me so this could be.

Liadan said...

I suppose this is where I mention that I wear bandanas frequently. :D

I've seen some very attractive white women with dreadlocks, but then I went to art school and kind of like unconventional-looking women in general.