Friday, January 11, 2008

The counseling of men, Second life, and other stuff

So this semester in school I will be taking a class on counseling men. Let's be honest now, I probably need a class focused on counseling men. Men are great and all, I have no issues with them, I just find I have to work at it sometimes to pay attention and I don't naturally gravitate towards them. With women I have to try and not seek them out and well certain ones just have my attention. I don't know what we will be talking about but I'll keep you posted. Yes, the lesbo is going to learn about men. :) Good times.

I also have one solid conclusion and a random update. My solid conclusion is that I should never ever ever ever go on Second-life. If I ever do and post it here you should find out who I am, hunt me down, and shoot me. Seriously. I know it would be fun, but if I have an addiction to blogs and such, what do you think would happen with me and other things that are more addictive. Although I was thinking yesterday about getting a ph.d in technology and social sciences. That would be so cool to study counseling someone in second life! So very very cool!

My random update is that soon j will come to visit. (Woo hoo) and then I just found out that my parents who were talking about staying for a weekend right after j, have instead decided to just stay for one night. This is good because my house is all one space. It's the coolest place ever of course, but it's a big huge spacious mass and so visitors sleep in the same room as you. Good for some people staying, bad for others. So hurray. I am so good with just one night!

So that's that.

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