Sunday, December 30, 2007


Today I wore one of my new shirts. It's a brown V-neck Eddie Bower t-shirt. For some damnable reason it makes me happy. Does anyone else ever think it weird when inanimate objects make them happy?

Went to church, there was an intern preaching. She just had a baby so the sermon was highly baby focused and it makes sense, because the scripture was also about babies, about when King Harrod killed all the Jewish infants under two. I did wonder what the application time would be for this sermon. This church often has an application time where we do something like bring up a fabric and tie it to a tree to remember something. Or we are challenged to do something in our lives. Anyway the application was to write down things we are grieving and bring it to the front to put in a basket, and then light a candle as a symbol of hope in the midst of grief. It was a good exercise for me. I wrote down two things which I think it's stupid to grieve about but I gave them time and space by writing them down anyway.

In other news, I came back to 302 unread blog posts in my google reader account. So I've been catching up. Have I mentioned how much I adore google reader? Anyway here are two links I came across that I thought were interesting. I kindof want to imitate the to whom it may concern site for a post someday. She's really good at those letters. I may write a "Dear Cute Trader Joe's Employee who gave me chocolate yesterday" or "Dear maker of the hot water pot that is so fabulous which I got for christmas" or maybe even a "Dear lesbians who live in my city you are fantastic..." Don't they say imitation is the best form of flattery?


In search of adam:

To whom it may concern

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Casdok said...

It is weird when inanimate objects make them happy? But thankfully they do!!
Will go and check out those sites!
A happy new year to you!