Saturday, December 29, 2007

I resolve to have silly easy to accomplish resolutions

I was having a conversation with my friend S.S. the other day about how her counselor told her that she was making too many (and too large) New Years resolutions. She would get a bit out of sorts every year when she didn't do any of them. I think this is common and why some people just give up on resolutions all together. How many times have you resolved to lose weight or work out or save money all in the same year. Her counselor told her she could only have one resolutions that was manageable or little ones.

I think this is brilliant. So this is why I am going to resolve to have silly, easy to accomplish resolutions this year. This is what I've come up with. :)
  1. Try a Bloody Mary. I've never had one, and I was out at brunch with L and some people at the table next to us had one. I decided I should try something new this year. So there you go - my first resolution. It's easy to accomplish.
  2. Take the second of two trips to the recycling place at my local nature center to get rid of the rest of my crap (like 70 Real Simple Magazines). In my heart I want to recycle, but I struggle so to get to the recycling center. This is why I can only resolve to go once because that's all that's small and manageable. Baby steps people. :)
  3. Go to and get my aptitudes tested. I am trying to figure out what is my next step vocationally. I've heard some really good stuff about this place and their ability to advise you on what to do next and how your aptitudes fit various occupations. So instead of spending money to go to the conference, even though I'm sure it's great, I'm going to spend my money here.


Zuzu said...

GASP... Chicago doesn't have curbside recycling!?!? I haven't had to drive to a recycle center since the late 80's.

Casdok said...

You are so right!
Good thinking!!
Hope you manage them!

Random Reflections said...

I'm not a fan of New Year Resolutions as I think people are, generally, just setting themselves up to fail, but I rather like the sound of yours, so I might give some like that a go.

melissa said...

when you try your bloody mary, go somewhere with fun options for mixing it up, like charlie's ale house. i love bleu cheese-stuffed olives in mine. :) happy resolution-making to you, and cheers to meeting them!