Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The revolving door of randomness

This is a quick post because I got to work late. Here's what's rolling around like marbles in my head.
  1. The conversation on prayer last night was great! A good animated discussion and variety of thought. I talked about how hard it is for me to pray sometimes and was asked why and so I officially outed myself to the three remaining members of the group who didn't know yet. They were the most conservative of the bunch and responded with amazing love and acceptance. Two of my friends cried or nearly cried when I was telling my story. So very very sweet! What I liked best was that all this was ultimately about prayer and how we pray about hard things. (eg. When some child you love has cancer. When you have family praying their agenda for you.) We are going to continue to talk about prayer next time. This has been the BEST conversation on prayer I've ever been in. O and yes there was a mutual discussion of how very hard group prayer and popcorn prayer can be.

  2. You know that kindof "WTF" feeling you get when someone pops into your life again randomly. Yep. I have done that to people and now I have experienced it. "y" -- of the first person who kissed me fame -- has emailed and wants to chat. Last we ended things I told her I would only be friends and we haven't talked or emailed since. I think I might email back but be clear I'm only open to friendship. She had a death in the family and I feel sad about that.

  3. In regards to my dating category on this blog, I never really meant to blog about "dating" per se, but more just about my inexperience and trying to figure out what to do with that. Since then family has found this blog so whatever I decide to do in the future I shall find new avenue's to process it.

    Um. on the s group, I have talked a lot about the fact that I am a christian and go to church. This week two of the women professed newfound interest in religion/spirituality and asked me about the church I attend. Call me skeptical but I did wonder --- "what is up with that?"
ALSO I really am finding some of the visitor comments in the comments section of my post "who owns my body" interesting. You should check them out.


Dawn said...

In regards to the people interested in faith now.. why wonder?
I would say, bring them to church, perhaps you will be the foot in the door for them to be more open to God speaking to them.
Besides it can't hurt to have a couple more friends. ;)

just me - titration said...

dawn yeah true... And yes new friends are great. I'm just observing that it's curious and I am of course over analyzing... :)