Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The questions of the last 24 hours

When I was in bible college we were taught to always question. Rilke says "Love the questions." So these are my questions from the last 24 hours. And yes I am constantly told I think a lot! (liadan responded to all of these on her blog as well so for more on this go there...)
  • We are taught to read scripture in community so things don't get "off" (you know crazy talk), but... What do you do when a community reaches a stalemate?
  • I get why the Church (universal) changes so slowly and why some things never change. The church is to be more of a thermostat and less of a thermometer. But then how does change in such an institution happen?
  • What would God think if I got married (in a state/country that has same sex marriage)? And how would I go about that in a godly way?
  • Is it ok if I lead chapel? I used to (like I did last year). The reason I worry it wouldn't be is because if people knew they might not want me to. But j said that's dumb. I did it before and nothing has changed about me.
  • I asked my parents to tell me what questions they have so I can think about them before hand. They said they don't have questions they want to hear my story. What do I tell? What details do I leave out or in? What's the best way to tell such a story?
  • What do I actually think? (Verses what all these very different voices from books and really different people think.)
  • Am I being a bad example because I am displaying all of my wrestling with faith and sexuality on this blog?
  • How do I explain what's going on in me to such divergent groups: to my family, to my church friends, to people who think christianity is of no use... with integrity? I sometimes hope my blog helps me name "what is" no matter who is reading it. To practice as much authenticity as I can muster. Am I being a bad example of faith because of my doubt?.
  • Why am I a christian? (I've been asking this to everyone lately... Why are you a christian?)
  • Am I being too selfish and myopic in this season of my life? I'm cocooning a bit.
  • What do I think of sin now?
  • I think it's unhealthy to say "I should" But are there shoulds?
  • What does God want me to know about all this?
  • What did my dream about my grandfathers wood cabinate filled with cross carvings "up for sale" mean?


Zuzu said...

Great questions! - Zu

Cheryl said...

I think the question "Why am I a christian?" and its sister question "What does it meant to be a christian?" are the fulcrum on which your seesaw of questions and answers are balanced.

Once you get those two settled in your head and heart, the other questions might either be more answerable or might not need "answers" at all.

(BTW, I think too much, too. :)

just me - titration said...

Thanks zuzu and Cheryl. :)

Hmmm. Cheryl that is a wonderful big picture assessment, thanks.

I used to think that everyone thought too much, and now I keep meeting people who don't think too much and I realized maybe we are more rare than I previously assumed!

Cheryl said...

I know what you mean about not many "thinking" people.

When I use to ask question after question with my christian friends, the people who didn't like to question what they believed and why, would try to boil down their christianity to something like "faith in Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior."

Of course, for me that opened up the can of question worms like "What IS faith?" "Which Jesus? The one born of a virgin or no?" "Fully God/fully man?" "Bodily resurrected?" "Personal...does that absolve us of trying to redeem the world?" "Savior...from hell? from sin? for everyone?"

And on and on and on and on ad infinitum, ad nauseum!!

However, as much as I sometimes still crave answers (and at times and in the "thin places" of the Celts, I get a glimpse of an answer), I think the real journey in the search for truth, is in the questions. (Of course, you can question my conclusion about that as well! :)

just me - titration said...

c - hey what is this "in the "thin places" of the Celts stuff? I've heard of that before and it sounded cool but...

I would also say questions are my best companion on this journey but what do you mean by "real journey in the search for truth"? Cause then we can start talking about what is real? And what is truth? :).....

Cheryl said...

EXACTLY, oh clever one!!! Most answers lead to more questions, especially for people who think. :)

"Thin places" can be pretty much any place/thing/moment/person that makes you feel closer to God. The Celts had a saying that "heaven and earth are only three feet apart, but in the thin places, it's closer than that."

I imagine they had a more specific sense of what a thin place might be (like maybe a sacred space or a litany), but for most of us, it's just that sense that God is close.

For me, it happens most often in nature—the way I feel standing at the edge of the ocean, or in a thick, clean forest, or at the edge of the Grand Canyon. But sometimes, it's in the soaring voices of a choir... the performance of or witness to a kindness... the embrace and comforting word of a friend. It's different things to different people.

There's been a lot written about it. You might want to Google it if you're really interested. But to me, it's not really something mysterious, just the name given to that moment and place when we feel most close to God...and answers. :)

just me - titration said...

I totally dig that! Hmmm. And yes nature is often a "thin place" for me.... I like the mystical almost sci-fi feel of the words "thin places". Or at least in my imaginary world it has a sci-fi feel. :)