Friday, October 5, 2007

For The Bible Tells Me So - Movie Trailer

I found out about this film (which is being released any day now) when I ran across this interview with the director and the review of the movie "the bible tells me so". He explains why he made this movie. Below is one of the quotes from the interview. Granted I may be pmsing a bit today, but it made me teary.

I did a story about this woman at Harvard, an African-American, with this great life story -- tragic upbringing, but she pulled through and was doing great things with her life. She was a theologian, and she was also a lesbian, and I thought it was important for people to see that. And the day after that aired, I got an email from this kid -- a gay kid in Iowa -- that said: "Last week I bought the gun. Yesterday I wrote the note. But last night I happened to turn on your show, and just knowing that someday I might be able to go back into my church, I threw the gun in the river. My mom never has to know."

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Zuzu said...

That looks like it's going to be a great film. I'd love to hear/see the journey of a fundamentalist who came to understand how wrong they are about this issue. I think it would be so beautifully brave to come to terms with and atone for the hatefulness in their hearts - and overcome it. That press conference re: the San Diego mayor made me cry - because that's what it was about - him really publicly saying that he was wrong - and in so doing you could see this incredible moment of grace.