Monday, October 15, 2007

11 reasons I like blogging

O before I get into the 11 reasons I like blogging.... ALL 3 of the people I tagged in the meme here played along. How cool is that! gay xian confused, blogicalinks, and lifeinthegaps. OK now here are 11 reasons I like blogging. Why do you like blogging? If you blog?
  1. Because you only see what I want to write about (eg. You don't hear about me falling down a flight of stairs... although maybe that's good to blog about, but it's not really as funny as seeing in person).
  2. It's cheaper than therapy (although I am in therapy, or will be again after I find a new person, and I HIGHLY recommend it).
  3. Because who knows who might be blogging behind that anonymous identity. (I mean I could be blog friends with bionic woman and never know it. And you never know who I actually am. It's like having a super power. Um...except for those of you who do know me.)
  4. Because when you blog you get to make up the rules! Woo hoo.
  5. Because I can say I'm a lesbian and you won't shoot me, throw stuff.... or if you judge me I can't hear or see you.
  6. I was hoping by blogging I might learn what the term is for a lesbian's straight guy friend. For a gay guy with a straight girl friend it's fag hag what's the opposite?
  7. Because people read the darndest things, and this blog is totally one of those things. Why in the world are you reading this?
  8. Because it isn't graded (when I spell "think" "thing" (which I do all the time) no one gives me an "F".
  9. Because if I stopped blogging zuzu would cry. (no not really, but you know.... it's good to keep zuzu happy.)
  10. I get to pretend I'm a writer (O, shoot for my job I actually am....what? you doubt me, that's probably because having editors makes all the difference in the world!) I prefer pretending.
  11. I'm actually trying to get into the matrix through the blog-o-spere. The red pill--blue pill thing, is so old school.


JJ said...

Dyke Mike? um... gal's pal?

Does it have to rhyme? Cause if it does, I'm out of ideas.

Cheryl said...

I'll tell you why I like reading YOUR blog... because you're the kind of person who's likely to post 11 reasons, rather than 10. You put the unexpected spin on the perspective. I like that. :)

just me - titration said...

jj - hmmm. I kindof like dyke mike. :) Good show!

cheryl - thanks. :) I do like to be a tad bit different. I may be a bit of a contrarian. I suppose all gays and lesbians are. Eh?

Liadan said...

I've heard "dyke dog" and "dyke tyke."