Monday, October 15, 2007

Well, dip me in honey and throw me to the Goth chicks

So at the "coming out" support group tonight we took this gender aptitude test created by Kate Bornstein (who I guess is a gender theorist and transgender expert (um, note: spell check thinks I spelled transgender wrong... odd!). Here's hir (which I learned is the new gender neutral word) wikipedia entry. Here's the gender aptitude test we took.

We had a great discussion about gender and terms people use these days. eg., gender identity, transgender, intersex, and queer.... These are all words I am SOOOOO unfamiliar with! So it was interesting. Then we took this gender aptitude quiz.

The group is about six people and really quite sedated. I, on the other hand, am not always so sedated. So I felt a bit dumb when I kept getting the giggles and no one else really did. (one girl did a bit but...well that's another story). Anyway. I just have to share a question or two. For the rest of the questions (many of which are funny) go take the quiz.

After questions like: Do you stand up to pee, and when you go into a department store do you shop in a department labeled for your assigned gender there was this:

Question 9 of section II: Basic black looks best...
A) On my new BMW.
B) With pearls.
C) With anything.
D) Well, dip me in honey and throw me to the Goth chicks.

And yes, this was the question that caused me to laugh then, and last night while falling asleep. I keep trying to figure out what this question says about gender. My answer - totally D! But not because of some gender thing (I don't think). I'm pretty traditionally gendered female. I just think it's so funny. Goth does not mean lesbian. But a goth chick could be. I think this question is getting at someone saying they are so "beyond all this" (wikipedia article on goth culture).

But, back to being thrown to the goth chicks covered in honey. Honey is way messy and that would not be fun. However, goth chicks often have tattoo's. Tattoo's are fun. :) And why if goth chicks like black wouldn't you say "well dip me in dark chocolate?" Even if I was dipped in something, I don't really think they would be into me. I often wear pink, orange, yellow... Alright enough about the goth chicks. What a totally funny gender question though! It's made me grin, a lot.

Then this question also gave me a good deal of pause, in a different way.

Question 3 of section IV
When was the last time you were aware of something about your gender that was holding you back in the world?
A) I can't recall a time like that.
B) Do you want that in minutes or seconds?
C) Do you mean the times I did something about it, or the times it overwhelmed me?
D) It was just before I changed my gender the last time?

I would say C. The question made me sad.



Zuzu said...

I can get to your blog today! Yippeee. So as to yesterday's meme.. yes, as a matter of fact, it would make me cry. As to today.. I interpret the "dip me in honey and toss me to the Goth Chicks" differently. I think it's saying that you like the color black as part of that whole "scene" and that you think Goth Chicks are cute. And the dip me in honey part is most about how you'd like them to get that honey off you than that you're beyond anything.. er... heh.. hmmm.. you know, that's just my read of it. And the term "goth chick" doesn't uniquely apply to lesbians... any girl/woman who is into Goth is often referred to as a "Goth Chick"'s the same with "Hippy Chick" or ... heh... "Fundy Chick"... (LOL.. okay, I've never heard ANYONE being referred to as a "Fundy Chick" but the thought of it cracks me up.) As to that last question, my answer would be E)none of the above - or rather I'd like to do a write-in answer on that one. -Zu

just me - titration said...

I want to know your write in answer! Fundy Chick (hee hee). They can be way cute too. I should know!

Woh. um. So... um. :)