Sunday, September 9, 2007

Parents response part 1

We love you and you are more precious to us than ever. We received your letter and have read it. Our hearts are broken.

We all are tempted but we do not have to yield to temptation. We can flee temptation. God always has a way of escaping temptation.

Remember we love you!

Mom and Dad

As my friend Sarah just reminded me, they will need some time to grieve. It could be much worse. And it makes me sad that me saying I'm gay = temptation. They do not really get on ANY level that this is about part of who I am. Not temptation.


M said...

It always irks me, too, how being gay is temptation and yet being straight is not. Of course, when being gay is viewed as a sin, that is the "logical" outcome.

My prayers are with you. I just received a letter from my mom and I know how much this can all hurt. Stand your ground and have faith in God.

God bless.

JJ said...

It is hard to get a letter like that... you're right, they don't understand. But have patience with them. One thing I read about this whole 'coming out' process is that when we come out to someone, we've had time to process it fully, and we need to give those we tell that same opportunity. Whether or not they ever do get it us still up in the air, but don't write it off as an impossibility yet.

And focus on the love.

Just my thoughts (as someone who has never done this, so take my advice for what it is... unqualified and unsolicited.)

Liadan said...

That's a very condensed version of what my parents told me, too. I think a common defense mechanism is "You're not REALLY gay! You're just confused / tempted by other Evil People or Activists / going through a phase / etc." Which would line up squarely with the denial portion of the grief process.

Like the other people say-- it takes time. Sometimes lots and lots of time. Stand your ground, but be compassionate.

just me said...

m, jj, liadan: Thanks for the encouragement, feedback, and thoughts. All are very welcome. And yes liandan it is lined up with the denial process. I need to remember this fact.

You are all great!