Monday, September 10, 2007

What is.

As you might guess I am spending most of my brain power processing. Asking and being asked questions like "What am I most afriad of?" What are my options for how I engage family on this issue. And I am soothed to think that I can always say "Let's talk about this another day."

I feel so unbelievably lucky/blessed to have some great extended family members and friends supporting me and encouraging me along the way. I also am finding being in a course on inter-cultural counseling AND a course on Family therapy helpful companions. But wow do I have a TON of reading to do for both!

Camping this weekend was a great break. Tenting, swimming, getting bitten by bugs, being with 17 people really helps me to at least keep some of my cyclical thinking under control.

And mostly I know this will just take time. And in the midst of that I have people who do accept me as I am.

I am still fearful and feeling some dread about talking to my parents more. However I also don't feel fear about someday having to come out since the deed has been done.

Trying to keep breathing deeply.


Zuzu said...

I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! - Zuzu

Anonymous said...

thinking about you, praying for you, here for you... :) - L