Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My experience at a Tegan and Sara concert

I realized last night somewhere around 11:30 p.m. that I've never live-blogged an event. And this isn't live blogging because it's after the fact but I decided to blog about a recent concert I attended. Here's my experience at a Tegan and Sara concert.

From what I hear there was a line that started at 6:00 a.m. for this concert. These people already have tickets they were waiting to sit in the front! Wow. My friend Lynnae and I didn't get there until the line was down and we got great seats anyway. The venue was pretty decent so it didn't matter all that much to us.

I didn't know their music before the concert. I listened to it online and thought it was alright. But you know how sometimes seeing a concert actually solidifies your like (or in some cases dis-like) of a band? That was my experience. Seeing Tegan and Sara perform caused me to like their music much more than your average radio song. And here's why.

It was a great concert! Their performance was for three reasons. First, they played for two hours straight without an intermission. Who does that? It was like getting something free with purchase. Second, they are both really funny and good with banter with each other and the audience. And third, what band has emotional intelligence skills? I have never seen a band or music group interact with the crowd with that much graciousness. It was stunning. Most bands I've seen try to go from song to song so that they crowd doesn't talk too much. Nothing that came from the crowd phased them. It was like they were crowd therapists mixed with comedian rockers. I say this because they used:
  • Paraphrasing: a audience member would scream out and at one point Tegan said: "So what I hear you saying is...
  • Humor throughout but in particular when at one point they were introducing the band and the crowd was talking...
  • Acknowledgment of what they heard from the floor even if they didn't hear it. "I didn't hear that."
  • Naming of the issue (eg. I just want to acknowledge/name that the lights keep coming on an off) combined with some humor and encouraging people to chill.
  • Empathy skills both with the lights guy saying how he must be feeling right now and how they were cool and some empathy with some of the more expressive audience members.
I realize this has nothing to do with the music, but for me it makes me like their music more. They joked around about going on a talking tour. I so would see that! They have great stuff to say.
O also if anyone reads this and knows who does their hair comment on it. Because my friend Lynnae wants to know. :) She's a hair stylist and thinks their hair is great.


Crafty Green Poet said...

I don't know this band but I like what you say about their interaction with the audience. Makes the concert much more of a real event rather than just a live action version of their latest CD.

Anonymous said...

Awesome review! You should write for the Reader... thanks for the plug to get info on their hair. Keep our fingers crossed...


Superstar said...

I love Tegan and Sara.

Thanks for the review. I can't believe they played for two hours.

just me said...

cgp - totally. It was very much a unique event in and of itself!

Lynnae so glad you took me. :)

And yeah, superstar, me neither. It was, they were, polished!