Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How do you decide to switch churches?

Last night I decided to be brave. I went to a discussion hosted by the church I mentioned earlier this week with the "do not fear" pastor (who's name is Trey). It was a discussion group on some writings of Wendel Berry (whose poetry I tend to like). We discussed his essays not his poetry but it was a great discussion. I met some great people. I didn't feel shy at all. I should be brave all the time. I never seem to regret it much.

And again both in visiting this church and now in visiting the discussion group I wonder how one best decides to go about switching churches? I have always tried to stay pretty committed to my church and not just run off at the first sign of me and the church disagreeing.

Here's my main reason for wanting to leave though and go to this church. Lately I've been thinking I have to give up on any dreams of working in the church. Because even if I stayed totally closeted I would know the difference in thought between me and where I worked. So this means no counseling in the church. No being the professor at a christian seminary or university or bible college. This makes me really sad, these dreams dying. But then I was sitting in church last Sunday and I thought "O my word they would not only let me minister here they would welcome it!" And all my dreams of working in the church came back. And frankly I do not know quite what to do about that. But it was very noticeable and it's one of the things I'm thinking about most in regards to church these days.

In other news:

I'm skipping the inspire me thursday prompt this week. The theme is watercolor which I could have done, but maybe instead this week let me tell you about two things that have inspired me. Do check out the other people's stuff though.

First over at she's going to try her hand at some guerilla art a la Keri Smith style. And I think that is the most fantastic idea ever. It makes me want to go out and put little art pieces on park benches that say "You are beautiful" and "Don't give up". Such a fun idea!


Lynnae said...

I can't get enough of your "inspire me" 's and creative fun atristic discoveries! I think we should plan an evening/afternoon of leaving anonymous art in various places!

just me said...

Yeah we totally should go leave anonymous art... :) That makes me happy to think about.