Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The following things made me laugh

1) This cl posting made me laugh out loud.
"I DO think of you. I WILL come back to you. Thanks for askin. What time? I have a ham in the oven but I could come back anytime after that."
What in the world! Probably there's some hidden meaning but it just sounded so funny and random to me. And that reminds me that one of my roommates asked me once to put a ham in the oven, so I did. Just the ham. Not in a pan or anything. I just put it in as is. My mom also asked me to put a casserole in the oven once and it was in a basket. I put it in the oven still in the basket. It started smoking of course.

2) I did spend a bit too much time reading these funny hoaxes and chain letters here. Probably I should warn you if you start reading here you might waste some time. Huge time sucker.

3) At this prankplace website I could get a tattoo sleeve that I put on like a sleeve here. And there were multiple t-shirts here that cracked me up. Here's just a couple of my favorites.

Sometimes I Wonder "Why Is That Frisbee Getting Bigger?"

I Love Redundancy
333 I'm Only Half Evil

The Top Ten Reasons I Procrastinate

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