Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Praying about sexuality

So lately I've been thinking a lot about prayer. I thought I would list how I pray about my sexuality and my life these days in general. Thinking about prayer makes me curious. How do other christians in the process of coming out or figuring out their sexuality pray? I think it would make a fantastic Ph.D. to research the prayer life of christian gay and lesbians.
  • I pray for my new friends those I think about dating. Mostly asking God to bless them and asking for us to have healthy relationships.
  • When praying about my sexuality, identity, and coming out... I tend to just sit in silence a ton and say to God: "God what do you want me to know?" Over and over again.
  • I ask God for wisdom often.
  • I also have been praying some one word prayers since High School. Typically "HELP" :)
  • I've asked for prayer more in the last year than ever in my life. From my brother and sister-in-law and from some Christian friends. One thing I have really appreciated about doing this is that my friends have not used my request for prayer as a way to pray their agenda for me (if they have one). Instead they ask God for the same things I pray for. That I could have a clear mind, wisdom, integrity, sense of God's presence in all this. That I might see the good and God in this part of my journey just as I do in all other parts of my journey. That I can feel loved from God and others.
  • I have started meditating some these days, which I think of as a form of prayer.
  • I pray that when I do come out to my family I can do it well (whatever that means) and that somehow God will show up in the midst of that.
  • And finally I think sometimes when I write poetry it's really a prayer.
  • I also light a lot of candles which has nothing really overt to do with praying about sexuality, well sometimes crushes make me feel like I'm on fire. :)


M said...

Lately my praying about my situation with my parents has actually turned into begging and pleading. I ask God over and over to please make everything okay. Please.

just me said...

M! That sounds really hard! And I totally get it.