Tuesday, July 3, 2007

And her name is: Cherry Aimless

Thank you to all you fine folk who suggested names for my new mascot/girlfriend/office mate here. Your name suggestions were all quite fantastic and it was hard to choose.

During this comment session M said... "I read this queer parody of Nancy Drew where she falls in love with Cherry Aimless. That woman looks a lot like a Cherry Aimless to me. Or Midge. *laugh*"

Since I have read one of these books (got it at a used bookstore) and since this wooden cut out of a woman is from that era, and because the new Nancy Drew movie just came out I have named her Cherry Aimless.

So say hello to Cherry everyone.

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M said...

Hah! Yes, I'm so excited! I nearly ordered another one of those books (the sequel) and probably should have, in retrospect. Ah well, the next time I order from Amazon, I'm totally getting it.