Monday, July 2, 2007

Dreams and babies

This is just a random update on my weekend. This weekend I outed myself to two people (em who some of you who read this know) and a friend from church who was great. I emailed Em and I doubt she will be emailing me back for quite a while. I had to tell Em. The mom who I'm friends with, who's daughter just came out to her family, guessed about me. And this mom is really close friends with Em so I figured it was just a matter of time before they talked about me.

In other news, last night a mini part of my dream was that I had two blog comments from someone with initials, and when I got here to work, I did. (really weird but kindof normal for me). But that's not really my point about my dream. I dreampt about babies again.

This was a major theme in my dreams for years when I was self hating. I used to have dreams that someone was hurting babies or abandoning babies. Once I dreampt that some guy washed a baby in the kitchen sink with the silverware and it turned into an octopus and died. And I was standing next to him yelling you don't wash babies with the silverware!

This morning my dream involved caring for babies. Some random woman I didn't know asked me to take care of her kids. Two of them. One was a baby and the other a toddler. But, she wouldn't tell me when she would meet me, or how she was going to get her children back. I didn't want to leave because I couldn't figure out how to get the babies back to her. And then I was trying to switch something around in the stroller where the two kids were and one of the kids was switched with another kid. And then even weirder the mom's were switching the tops of their heads. Just the part above their eyes. It was very odd and then I woke up.

I am soothed by the fact that I was at least taking care of these kids. But, I wonder who's kids I feel like I'm taking care of these days. And why these kids and mom's keep switching. Previously all the babies in my dreams have been my own. It's a nice switch to dream they are others. I love dreams they are so interesting. :)

O and since this is random thoughts from my weekend. I saw the new Nancy Drew movie this weekend. I LOVED it. :)


Zuzu said...

Never wash babies with the silverware. They should be washed with the fine crystal (wink.) -Zuzu

just me said...

LOL. Yes. :)

And by the way. I hope you get to start blogging new stuff soon. :) Not to say your importing all your old stuff into your new blog isn't super cool and worth it... but I'm looking forward to reading what is for you these days. :)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of dreams...I just remembered that you were in one of my many (and odd) dreams last night. You were making a movie about coming out...somehow it was a live movie (yeah, dreams, whatever) and you knew your family would be watching. I remember thinking that your character (as in, your personality) was bolder than normal, and it was impressive. Huh. Fancy that.