Thursday, July 26, 2007

Poetry or Inspire me Thursday

All I have wanted to do today and yesterday is write poetry. Luckily it’s poetry Thursday or Inspire me Thursday depending on which website you pick. Which I’ve decided to observe since conveniently I’ve already written two things that may look a bit like poems. And the "Inspire me Thursday" prompt was a good one for giving praise for artsy reflective women. So here's a poem I wrote about writers/artists... that inspire me. :) I know aren't I thematic! :) [no the picture isn't art I did, still shopping for a digital camera so I can post my own pictures/art]

It’s all so yummy.
Damn, you look good in all those words and color.
And I grin wildly. I throw paint outside the lines to celebrate.
Sweethearts, I will always be glad to see you.
You artists, you dreamers, you writers, you poets.
You, who are gritty and glorious,
with everyday average blinding beauty.
I point to you, and shout at God:
“God chuck blessing at them, over there!”
Today, tomorrow, yesterday.
I cannot wait! Seriously. Neither can I look away.
It’s that good.
I was thinking about some women poets, artists, and writers of books, but also bloggers I've never met like these: (Writing) (Writing) (Art) (Art/Writing/Poetry) (Writing) (Art) (Art) (Poetry/Writing)


Anonymous said...

Yummy, indeed! I'll have what you're having! Make mine a double.:::wink:::

Royce Addington: said...

Yumsters squared! Bravo!!

Pattie Mosca said...

This feels fabulous!!!!!!! This goddess is yummy indeed! I think I know her!!

Jules said...

Sometimes there is a phrase that delights me so deeply, my toes curl. This one "I throw paint outside the lines to celebrate" is one of those. Utterly delicious, m'dear.

megan said...

i'm not prone to saying OH WOW OMG...but OH WOW OMG...this poem is delicious...i want to carry it around in my head and people will wonder "hey what's she grinning about?" ThAnK YoU! I'll be watching for more!

just me said...

Ragamuffin, Royce, pattie, jules, megan: Thanks for your comments! ...there's so much yummy'ness out there we just don't always celebrate it! :) You are yummy yourselves for saying hi.

Abbey of the Arts said...

What a wonderful poem and thanks so very much for the link!