Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yogurt and inside-out shirts

Last night my friend Lynnae and I had a lovely dinner at a Thai place I hadn't been to before. And for the occasion I wore my shirt inside-out. I didn't realize my shirt was inside-out until I got to the restaurant. And I chuckled to myself (and to Lynnae) all the way into the restaurant. That is so like me, and I haven't done such a thing in quite a while. When I put the shirt on all I was thinking about was how great it smelled. I must have been overcome by the fabric softener and so was unable to notice I didn't put it on right. Maybe I could say something here about my unconscious and how it feels like I am inside-outing myself. :) But that's a stretch even for me.

I was going to go into the bathroom to change it but it was either locked or in use so I just kept my shirt on inside-out for the rest of the evening. I thought, O I'll just turn it around in the car, before I realized no, you actually have to take your shirt off to get right side out. And the street was way too busy for that.

A random classmate of mine from college or seminary or something, who I haven't see in forever recognized me and said hi. Hopefully she didn't notice. It's likely since the word lesbian kept coming out of the conversation we were having (it was a small restaurant) she noticed that more than my shirt. Somehow I seem to suddenly care so much less about outing myself in the world.

To continue my adventures this morning while walking to work I dropped my lunch twice. Once in Starbucks and once on the side walk. I had brought a yogurt to work and I can't quite figure out how, but it went everywhere. On my toes, the bag it was in, and somehow when I picked it up I got it all the way down my arm. It was raspberry, ymmmm.

If I threw in my tripping down some stairs my friend Ginger would think I was the most funny thing in the world.

On an entirely different note here are two links Lynnae just told me to check out. More new music... :)


Zuzu said...

When I first was quitting smoking, I was terribly absent minded and distracted. I forgot to wear my pants to the grocery store - in one of the aisles it suddenly dawned on my that I wasn't wearing pants. It was like a bad dream come true. Kinda puts an inside-out shirt in perspective, huh?

just me said...

That cracks me up! Yes yes it does! :)

Crafty Green Poet said...

That thing with the shirt could so be me....

just me said...

Hi crafty green poet... thanks for the visit. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey I made it in your blog! I feel so cool!!