Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Today is I love art day!

Go on a tour with me. I would like to introduce you to two artists I like. I will be your tour guide. Ready? Walk forward please. Keep walking, keep walking, keep walking. OK stop.

Here you will see artist Melanie Vote. I can't believe people can paint that well! Good stuff. Check her out. I actually like her drawings of people with computers the best. Of course that's because I'm a geek. I also like how she captures every day things and moments in a new way.

OK ready? Now please walk forward you will discover the second artist we will visit on this tour, Jen Lemen. Her art makes me happy. I think it's uplifting somehow. And not only that, she has an interesting blog which is frequently updated. The quotes she integrates into her art are also thought provoking. Especially this one in the header of her blog:
I hope you will go out and let stories happen to you. And that you will work them, and water them with your blood and tears and laughter till they bloom. Till you yourself burst into bloom. - Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Two very different artist but both wonderful and worth checking out!


Zuzu said... Hit the "next" button on the gallery.. these are great! - Zuzu

Zuzu said...

Maybe the entire URL came through this time?

Zuzu said...

Okay... I broke it into two lines...

just me said...

love it. I think my favorite is the cotton candy one. :) Thanks for sharing.