Thursday, June 7, 2007

Things that aren't funny

I think I am only funny in the "tripping down the stairs" way of being funny. I read a couple of funny blog posts today and sat on my new fancy work chair and bemoaned my lack of humor.

I'm going to blame my lack of humor all on my parents just because it seems the trendy thing to do. Sometimes they can be funny in a "Pleasantville" (the movie) black-and-white kind of way. Which causes me to wonder if in an alternative universe by having this blog I have gone from being in Black-and-white television to Technicolor. I am causing the spread of Technicolor without even knowing it. You might want to be careful if you are reading this blog.

And I don't have anything funny to say about church and work (which is the church). Lately it's all too serious, in a "Survivor" (tv show) way. Work this week makes me wonder what is this island and why do I not want to be tossed off it? I don't think people mean to be so uptight. It just happens. I wish there were scriptures that said things like: When you can't get along with other departments you have to eat 4 frogs, 18 bags of skittles, 3 burgers, and drink a bottle of wine while standing on one leg!

And of course not-dating isn't funny either. I am not funny because I somehow accidentally took the "serious" pill. Or really the "I have a crush on you and you are dating someone else" pill. And I took the "I don't want to tell you because you might not be my friend" pill. And I also took some other pill but I can't even read the label. It might have been a stupid pill.

Alas if anyone wants to loan out their humor let me know.


Elaine said...

This is a pretty funny post. :)

just me said...

Thanks. :) I am trying to re-discover humor.