Saturday, June 9, 2007

Panera's wifi blocks picture of fried twinkie

O that is too funny! Panera Bread's wifi blocked the picture I posted of the deep fried twinkie from yesterday's post. I sat here and giggled. Not sure why I think it's so funny. I do get that fried twinkies are really bad for a person to eat. They are very fatty. And I don't plan on eating them a lot. I'm quite sure the amount of calories in the Twinke are scandalous. But is a fried twinkie really scandalous?

Is twinkie a bad word? Or does Panera block all images on blogs? I have no idea. Let's test it shall we?

Let's see if it blocks an image of it's own forbidden image message, then at least I will know it blocks all images. Or maybe it blocks any image in a post with the word twinkie? O the mystery. :)

Edit after posting... Yes it did block it. Hmmm. It blocks some images and not others? I wonder how it figures that out? Weird!

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