Monday, June 11, 2007

Speaking of Faith AND questioning

I listened to Speaking of faith on this fine Sunday morning at 6:00 a.m. Why it's on so early I have no idea but I woke up without my alarm clock and turned the radio on. It was Krista reading from her new book. It was wonderful. It was my church today (even though I am also going to go to church as well). I loved it.

And I found myself jotting down notes as I listened. My bible college professor said, "Always question". And Krista referenced that famous Rilke quote that says "be patient with all that is unresolved in your heart and learn to love the questions themselves." I took notes of all the questions that are unresolved in me. And I decided to list SOME them... in an attempt to love them.
Who am I? Really? Are my core values guiding my life or am I just randomly living? What role do I want any romantic relationships play in my life? What role do boundaries and rules and scriptures play in my life? What is my purpose? Am I alone? Should I be alone? Should I stay or leave my job? Is it wise for me to get a ph.d? Does God have a purpose for my life? What metaphor helps me talk about my life? How do I love? How do I be of service? .... and on and on and on....
She says how we ask our questions affects the answers we get. Eg science asks "Is this a wave or a particle?" If you ask a particle question, you get a particle answer. If you was a wave question, you get a wave answer. Are there more helpful questions I could be asking?

She also talked about how healing is most productive when it incorporates what is broken inside of it. Which I loved. Questions... I LOVE this stuff!


Zuzu said...

You might enjoy this world cafe article on the art of powerful questions:


just me said...

I did like that article thanks for sharing. I knew I'd like it when I saw the quote, "I went for the jugular question." :)