Friday, June 8, 2007

Deep thoughts and deep fried twinkies

Today I am wearing new glasses which I love. And last night I ate a deep fried Twinkie just to have done it. It was pretty good. See picture. You would think it would be gross but it was just a better version of a donut. Who knew you could have a state fair moment at a pub.

And although it isn't really fried just to attempt some depth I thought I would share a deep thought about superficialness. Here's a quote I read this morning by Henry David Thoreau which caused me to think about the sometimes superficialness of blogging and emailing.... Do we just go in search of what other people are talking about in order to say something ourselves. Now that's deep fried. ;)
When our life ceases to be inward and private, conversation degenerates into mere gossip. We rarely meet a man who can tell us any news which he has not read in a newspaper, or been told by his neighbor (or read on a blog); and, for the most part, the only difference between us and our fellow is that he has seen the newspaper, or been out to tea, and we have not. In proportion as our inward life fails, we go more constantly and desperately to the post office. You may depend on it, that the poor fellow who walks away with the greatest number of letters proud of his extensive correspondence has not heard from himself this long while.
This all makes me want to go "hear from myself". Lord knows I can always use some more of that. Of course I also idolize depth in a way that doesn't always allow me to just "chill".

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Zuzu said...

I tried to leave a note earlier, but my connection died. So I just have to say that whole twinkie thing is totally wrong and bad. Secondly, if you want more humor in your life you might have to, occasionally, lighten your morning reading. I can go just as deep with Woody Allen and laugh too (wink.) - Zuzu