Monday, May 21, 2007

Well that's a bit embarrassing

For the first time ever I had a cleaning lady come clean my house. It was a one time deal to get me back in gear. The fact that this cleaning lady cleans a dozen homes of people who I know and work with in my church caused me to pause when I realized I didn't even think to put away certain books. I can't imagine what she thought when she ran across the book that "y" sent home with me.

The book is called "Awakening the Virgin". The cover alone is enough to cause shock. It did me when "y" gave it to me. It's lesbian erotica so you can imagine. And I know she saw it because it was on the top of one of my piles of books and now it's mid way through the pile. I keep imagining this older proper cleaning lady seeing such a cover and her eye's getting big and then quickly stashing it amidst the other books.

I shall have to add this to a "top ten ways of outing oneself" list.


Anonymous said...

that last sentence cracked me in half. that's okay. my small group leader e-mailed my predominantly older group of bible study comrades my blog address (why?). you know, where i compare myself to sex and the city girls and talk about drinking mimosas at 10am (normal in some cities; unheard of in some churches). oh well. if you're going to hate me, hate me. if you're going to like me, great. my word of the day: whatev.

melissa said...

mvl posting above, btw.