Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Lovely sighs, celebration, and wine

I just sighed one of those sighs you do when you are just a bit more content than usual. It's nice out today. Last night it was beautiful out as well, and I sat on the porch with "b" relishing the night and some last moments of quality time before she moves. I also texted with "e" a bit. She is coming over for dinner on Sat. Talked with "y" on the phone.

I also am looking forward to Weds. when t, b, and I are going out and opening the bottle of wine to celebrate my first kiss. In some ways it seems so momentous that I think I should throw a huge party. I am a huge advocate of intentionally celebrating things in life. Little things and big things. I think it helps make life more worth living and increases my joy capacity.

As a side note I would like to give props to the winery that made the label on the bottle of wine we are opening. The wine is from the Francis Coppola winery in Ca. And I picked it because the label has a picture of two women on it. One leaning over to kiss the other on the cheek. I couldn't resist. It's very sexy. If I can ever find a picture I'll post it here.

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