Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Last night I went to this group called integrate. It's just some friends and we get together, eat dinner, and talk often late into the night. Last night we talked about prayer and my friends "t & l" parents who are getting a divorce.

Our prayer experiences were super diverse ranging from someone who prays regularly to someone who doesn't pray at all because the last time he prayed was to say to God "If you are God kill me." God didn't, and ever since then he stopped praying. Frankly I'm glad God didn't.

For me prayer has changed so much. I do still pray but its much more in the form of meditation these days. I don't remember the last time I specifically prayed for people before recently. Something has changed for me because I have found myself praying for people in the last couple months.

Why have I started praying for specific people lately? For one, there is something about dating that has caused me to want to pray for the people I date or am becoming friends with. So I have prayed for "e" and "y". For blessing and wisdom mostly. That some how I could bless them. There's something about meeting new people and liking new people that makes me want to bless them all the more.

Yesterday I was moved to pray for this blogger who had a post about giving things she might use to self harm to someone else. I don't go looking for bloggers who struggle with cutting. I just keep feeling so warm hearted towards her for some reason even though her blog tends to shock me a little I keep reading it just to be able to say to her she's seen. I so do hope for some kind of maternal force of nature to swaddle her in a blanket. Really I suppose that's all we can do as people in this world sometimes, visualize (or pray) for good things for people.

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