Monday, March 19, 2007

Random monday thoughts

My thoughts after this weekend: Am I txting too much with this girl coach. Is this normal? It's so curious to me to be txting like this. I'm not used to it. What if we get all attached txting and then go out Weds and don't even like each other? I am usually the person to initiate in my friendships. This girl is chasing me. Which mostly I just think is intriguing.

Also for those of you in my church community you will be very happy to know that "e" who I had coffee with Sat. is really kind and a gentle sort of soul. I don't remember who amongst you (L maybe?) hoped that in this whole process I would meet people who are kind. I can now say I have. It's smart of me to start by pursuing friendship with people, but I must be honest I would date her in a heartbeat! She reminds me a bit of my friend Em. In fact I feel so grateful I snail mailed her a card to say thanks.

I said:
Sometimes when i say thanks I don't feel people will take it as seriously as I want them to, so I write it on paper for emphasis. Although I may not have needed to blind you with the bright orange color. :) I also think gratitude is the opposite of evil. Have you ever met anyone who was evil or bad? They are never grateful.

There are two main things that people have said to me amongst those who know about this part of my journey and are not freaked out by it. They hope I meet at least one person outside my 99% straight christian community and they hope that somehow I meet someone who is kind.

Thank you for being open to this embryonic friendship, for being kind, and for the gift of a fun conversation.
Maybe this part of life is just about seeing the glory and beauty of some new sweet souls. :) Whatever is or isn't.

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