Saturday, March 17, 2007

Holy Crap!

For anyone who doesn't know me this will sound like nothing. But for those of you who do (which is really the main people who read this), you will get why today was in my world a freakishly huge deal. Today I met up for coffee with the girl, let's call her e, who I'm starting to be friends with. She's the one I met at the pub two weeks ago who I met online but with whom I am doing the "friends" thing. It was soooo very great. Similar to last time we ended up talking for almost three hours. From the best I can tell she has no judgment nor hate because I'm not totally out, or because I'm a christian, or because of really anything I've said so far. I felt safe telling her pretty much anything.

And she is super delightful and endearing. All this of course makes me feel that really restful still sweet feeling when I am with her. So anyway she told her coming out story. I talked about my story. She is such a great story teller! Frankly I was enraptured by her story telling. And thank goodness these little outings are not dates because I would probably start getting self-conscious about how I was really enjoying myself and then I would be a mess.

OK so after that. It just so happened that the girl I'm going out with on Weds. was in the same neighborhood at the time. This is the one who I've now text messaged back and forth with about 12 times. Which for me is crazy because I text message generally once a month. My other friends don't text message. Anyway. We met up just to say hi. It was super awkward because I didn't know where she was and she didn't know where I was because I misunderstood where we were meeting and it took us a while to find each other. And she had a friend in the car with her at the time. I felt shy and dumb. We did eventually find each other and stood in this parking lot saying "hey, nice to meet you." back and forth. So very weird!

My first impression of her from our phone calls and meeting for 2 minutes is that she is cute, young, and swears a lot. And she probably drinks a lot more than me. Which might be tricky since I am probably the biggest light weight who ever existed and I think crap is a swear word.

And speaking of swearing, summery of the day has to have a bit more emphasis than "O my word!" which is what I say typically. This is why I titled this post "holy crap". Mostly because even though these two meetings weren't dates they were something more than a normal outing with someone from my community to be sure! And meeting two people in a row who I even would have the possibility of dating, even though I'm doing the friendship thing, is unheard of for me. Above all I'm probably saying holy crap because I hugged them both. It was super nice. I just.... O frankly I'm befuddled. And this is the best post I can muster at this point.

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Zuzu said...

Sometimes people swear like a sailor when they're nervous. Sounds like a lovely day! - Zuzu