Friday, March 16, 2007

A misc update for Friday

The update is I've had two voicemail phone tag rounds, and two text message rounds with the person I'm hanging out with on Weds. She's going to call me after work. We shall see if it's a actual phone call or just a voice mail. Which ever it is, I think it's nice because I won't feel like she's a stranger when I meet her. Also, I'm having coffee with the girl who wanted to do the friendship thing. Who I think is swell. Both are casual things. Which is exactly where I am at. Hurray for me getting out of my 99.9% straight community.

Also, I'm making a coffee date with the pastor of that open and accepting church with the art gallery that I went to last week. And my former roommate is coming into town with her (I think) six month old son. And they are both going to stay with me. It should be a really interesting weekend. :)

As a side note where in the world did the convertible driving weather go? I think my hair froze on the way to work!

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