Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Now accepting credit card payments

This morning I got dressed wearing a suede jacket, then I put my winter coat on over it and went to work. When I got here I took my coat off, did a little bit of email checking and went to the morning meeting which I have every day at 9:00 a.m. While sitting there a coworker asked, "What is that on your shoulder?" Everyone looked at me and started grinning. I looked over, said "What?" and saw that there on my shoulder was a credit card. It stuck out of my shoulder sortof like someone was trying to insert it into my shoulder. It had some how become affixed to my black suede coat.

One of my co-workers "J" thought it was particularly funny. She said "It's like you are a high tech prostitute or something." And she laughed and laughed. O the irony to say that to someone who still hasn't ever kissed anyone. Anyway. It did look quite particular and I will likely get teased about it for a chunk of time in the future.

So how did I get this credit card stuck to my shoulder? I had laid my coat on my desk at home. And on this desk was this credit card which I was going to tear up (it's old). And there was a sticker on it. So when I picked up this suede jacket the sticker and credit card were affixed to the shoulder of the jacket. And then by putting my winter coat on it caused it to stick even more. So even my taking off my winter coat didn't cause it to come off. And that's how I came to work with a credit card on my shoulder.

There's more of the story. This weekend I either lost or had my wallet stolen. I can't find it anywhere. And I thought my non-expired credit card was in my wallet. However, it was not. I just cleaned up some papers and found it! It was on my desk. Desks seem to have a strong leading role in this story. So I canceled my credit card for no reason! Alas. I have credit cards coming out my ears but I can't use any of them.

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