Sunday, March 4, 2007

Dating: Woo hoo. Ug!

All right so I am emailing someone who lives far away who is a christian, like me, and is totally cute and very articulate. (I am also emailing someone else who is far away and not a christian) but is also cute and almost as articulate. Anyway the christian and I are in really similar places on this journey. Why O why does she have to live so far away! Even from a friend perspective. Blast. In her last email she said while trying to guess why I have the user name I have: "I give up. Enchanters to be summoned.....Enchanter you have become yourself. " AND she said my p.s. was endearing. That totally makes me grin, a lot. And today while sitting in church since I know she goes to church I kept imagining going to church with her. Which I can't do because she lives so far away. But I imagined it.

And so we come back to the whole topic of long distance relationships. Since I am emailing more than one person who is long distance. I guess no one has ever said this wouldn't be tricky!

We also have already lamented on the distance. Things change fast though so I am hereby guarding my heart. (Well I'm going to sortof try to).


Zuzu said...

Sometimes, if/when things click, distance shrinks because relationships include compromise in order to work.

Anonymous said...

guard, guard. But ENJOY and beam and smile and heck, allow yourself to be giddy. There's no fun in any of this if you can't allow yourself that!

Not that it's not apparent that you ARE allowing yourself those things. Just a little extra encouragement.


FreyaSings said...

I'm finally commenting on your blog...sorry it's taken me so long, friend!
When reading this one from a few days ago, I thought that meeting someone at a distance might be good for you right now. Imagine if she lived here and you went out and clicked and did want to kiss her...where would you go where you wouldn't be afriad of being seen? I know in some ways its more separation of two selves, the one you've been and that people know, and the one you're seeing if you'd like to become, but I think that's ok for now. Just a thought.
I say go for it, but be safe. Perhaps a friend can roadtrip with you, and be otherwise occupied during the date...